Job Openings at Oxygen Enterprises

Being selected for a job opening as a model for Oxygen Enterprises is being the top of the bill, and best paid in Europe.

Models starting at Oxygen enterprises can consider a job as adult model, as escort or as pornstar a full and legal employment, with a huge basic revenue, added with bonuses and extralegal benefits. Models at Oxygen enterprises are the best paid models in Europe, and are the models most competiting models will be secretly jealous of. 
A models at Oxygen Enterprises gets a fix monthly payout, monthly added with bonuses for work, added with extralegal benefits after some time, and this making the complete monthly revenue almost incredible for most models working in the adult modeling industry….

become the Oxygen Glamour Babe 2016


Paying good and even extremely good to models results in Happy and Loyal Models, and is nescessary to get the best Models.

Wenever you are taking a glance at our models we are offering or will be offering, if you are looking for an artistic model, or for some hot and erousing content, or if you are lookng for a service provider, a high class escort or elite escort, a stripper or a masseuse, you will probably think, OMG those are hot and stunning babes!

Well we agree 🙂  but this all is only possible because we are truely selecting, truely looking for those that could be possible real Oxygen Models, and if whe find them, not one effort is spared to convince them to join us, and a great not-to-refuse contract is offered to those few models that are fit to become Oxygen Model.

If you are a goodlooking girl, or you are a lady willing to work in the adult industry, and willing to construct a future, being an Oxygen model is the best thing that can happen… And whenever you are considering to send an application to become a model at Oxygen Enterprises, feel fre to send your application… Our experience tells us that the girls that are truely fit, most of the time are not aware of being one of those few!

As this site grows, and as this site evolves we will be guiding you through the first application to become model at Oxygen Enterprises… When you are new and unexperienced, this can all be very confusing, and you will probably have a lot of questions, and if you are experienced, you will probably be curious if you can apply and if you are fit…

The only thing we can say is “who does not try can not win”

If you are not sure what direction to take, if you are not sure what kind of model you want to become, it can be adviseable to contact us first by phone, and ak your first questions…. It can also be good to send just a general application, this being an application for those looking and willing to fin out if they are fit, and as what kind of model they would be fitting in.